Marketing Campaigns and Influencer Partnerships: What Small Business Owners Need to Know with Denise Lambertson

Can you imagine Beyoncé wanting to be a part of your marketing campaign? 

(Yes, THAT Beyoncé!)

This actually happened to a client of Denise Lamberstson (aka the “Godmother of Influencer Marketing” and founder of the LMS Agency and Constellation Capital). 

But before Denise started her own influencer agency, she was Madonna’s right-hand woman where she learned what made really GREAT partnerships between celebrities and brands.

Today, she uses the knowledge she gained to help brands find their dream influencers, create a powerful brand community, and make good investment decisions.

In this episode, Denise so graciously shares with us her top three tips for evaluating equity deals (for businesses of all sizes!). She also lets us in on what has (and hasn't) worked in marketing campaigns, along with her insights on the future of influencer marketing.

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[00:00:14] The business lessons Denise learned from working closely with Madonna.

[00:04:02] How Denise’s client landed a partnership with Beyoncé.

[00:07:28] Why Beyoncé decided to invest in the company instead of doing a traditional marketing campaign.

[00:09:17] The importance of finding celebrities (and influencers) who align with the product and company.

[00:12:20] How Denise built a foundation for influencer partnerships.

[00:19:50] Denise’s top three tips when deciding whether to take an equity deal.

[00:22:39] The mindset Denise had when she left her job with Madonna and started her own business.

[00:25:48] What HASN’T worked well in influencer marketing.

[00:28:21] How to determine product market fit in brand partnerships.

[00:32:27] Denise’s predictions and insights on the future of influencer marketing.

[00:35:18] How to create a POWERFUL brand community that keeps your business relevant (like Peloton and Instapot!).

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Denise Lambertson

Denise is an influencer marketing expert, with a focus on startup consumer products, as well as an investor and managing partner of a venture capital firm. As founder of the LMS Agency & Constellation Capital, Denise Lambertson pioneered the pairing of celebrities with venture-backed consumer startups by implementing sweat equity compensation for marketing services and capital investment. Constellation Capital is a boutique venture fund that is made up of high-profile investors and has a unique expertise in brand building. Constellation Capital provides a differentiated venture deployment model that effectively de-risks investment decisions.

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