Should You Start a Podcast? (Steps to Get Started and What I Wish I Knew Sooner!)

“Jasmine, should I start a podcast?”

Ahh, a question I’ve gotten countless times since I started The Jasmine Star Show in 2019.

And this might come as a surprise (since I’m pro-long-form content)… but the answer isn’t always yes. In fact, depending on your business goals, sometimes it can distract you from your most urgent business needs (meaning it isn’t always the best use of your time/energy/effort.).

Now you might be thinking… ‘but how do I know if it’s the right time, and if it is, how do I even get started?’ 

I got you, friend. In this episode, I’m sharing my framework to help you decide if podcasting is the right move for your business, my step-by-step process on how to get started, and everything I wish I had known before I started my show.

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[00:00:13] Why I started my podcast and the importance of audio-only content.

[00:01:16] The questions and framework to consider when deciding if podcasting is right for your business.

[00:06:16] The lessons I’ve learned while growing my podcast (the ugly parts of podcasting).

[00:09:19] Four simple steps when starting your podcast from scratch.

[00:14:34] The key questions to ask yourself before getting started.

[00:21:55] The possibility of monetizing podcasts and using your show as another revenue stream.

[00:22:45] My top tips on planning, creating, and scheduling podcast episodes.

[00:23:39] How to gain a loyal audience that can’t wait for your new episodes to air.

[00:29:10] How to determine your content pillars for your podcast.

[00:29:10] The best ways to make your podcast stand out from others in the same niche.

[00:30:03] Three steps to streamline content creation!

Wanna learn my framework for writing your podcast scripts and outlines? I break down all things script-writing in the episode “How to Become a Better Speaker and Communicator”.

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