How to Show Up Bigger in Life and Business

I might be going out on a limb here…

But I’m going to say you’ve evolved since first starting your business. 

And since evolving, you might have noticed yourself getting pulled back down to who you once were or who people WISH you were. (Because it feels safe and cushy!)

But holding yourself back to those previous versions of yourself is playing small which serves… Well, absolutely no one.

What DOES serve your people well is playing bigger, living to your fullest potential, and embracing the growth that you've worked so hard to achieve.

In this episode, I share four strategies (with frameworks, of course) that will help you up-level and gain influence in your business and life. 

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[00:01:19] What I learned being the only female in an all men mastermind.

[00:04:13] The role I played in my family and the responsibilities I took on for YEARS.

[00:06:57] The importance of figuring out what gives you the most purpose in YOUR business.

[00:09:52] How to be who you are NOW and not who you were or who people want you to be.

[00:11:05] How to set hard boundaries to protect time and energy.

[00:12:03] How I’ve reframed “no” as a strategic decision that empowers you to say yes to other things.

[00:21:16] My four-part framework for making GOOD decisions.

[00:28:34] The importance of forming and communicating your own opinions.

[00:32:39] The importance of being vulnerable and transparent to build trust with your audience.

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