Creating the Life You Love with Kathrin Zenkina

Are you ready to let go of the thoughts that are no longer serving you and confidently move towards your full potential in business and life? (yes or yasss?) Grab your favorite beverage and settle in – the wisdom and insights shared on this episode just might change your life.

In this episode, Lori Harder (my resident co-host) and I chat with Kathrin Zenkina, aka The Manifestation Babe, and hear her story of how she went from $25,000 in debt and sleeping on her grandma's couch to building a multi-million dollar business that’s in full alignment with who she is and what she believes today.

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[00:01:36] How Lori unknowingly inspired Kathrin to take a whole summer off to take care of herself.

[00:02:20] How Kathrin first became interested in personal development and manifestation

[00:03:20] What Kathrin learned in the first 12 months of living like her success was inevitable.

[00:06:07] How Kathrin discovered the online business space

[00:08:44] What happened when Kathrin went to a Tony Robbins event

[00:09:34] The question Kathrin asked herself that changed everything

[00:13:26] The importance of “living as though your prayers have already been answered.”

[00:14:28] How Kathrin started to build her Manifestation business and what she did to overcome the fear of going live.

[00:27:27] Kathrin’s strategy for dealing with those who doubt and those who leave negative comments

[00:34:27] How to use the 3rd-person perspective” tool to eliminate limiting beliefs.

[00:36:09] How to approach a new idea in business.

[00:40:10] How Lori practices manifestation in her business

[00:54:48] Key lessons Kathrin learned from her launches

You can also listen to her podcast – Manifestation Babe.

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Kathrin Zenkina

Kathrin Zenkina is a globally renowned leading expert in manifestation, spirituality, and subconscious reprogramming. Overcoming a challenging upbringing as a Russian-Ukrainian immigrant, she became a self-made millionaire by 25. Kathrin's brand, Manifestation Babe®, has grown into a $25M+ company in 7 years, empowering women with innovative strategies based on ancient wisdom. Her work has influenced hundreds of thousands, including celebrities and top executives.

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