My Honest Audio Diary: A Week of Business “Flops” (and what I learned from them)

Y’all, I’m getting real honest in this episode/audio diary. That’s right – you’re going to hear six real-time voice memos I recorded during my week as a way of documenting the (many) unexpected “flops” that happen in life and business. I hope it encourages you that these moments are VERY normal.

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[00:00:40] Why setbacks and challenges are neither good nor bad.

[00:02:23] Why I’m normalizing flops/set-backs in business

[00:04:37] Audio Diary entry #1: I share a situation where I felt like I didn’t prepare my team the way I wanted.

[12:20:00] Audio Diary entry #2: I talk about how I underestimated the time I needed to review content and had pull back even further to look again at my goals.

[00:18:36] Audio Diary entry #3: I share about a moment when I needed to request an extension on a few tasks from my team.

[00:23:23] Audio Diary entry #4: I talk about dealing with an unexpected change in my work day when we got a last-minute interview for Luna’s preschool

[00:29:04] Audio Diary entry #5: I recorded this clip while blowing drying my hair in my pantry because Luna got sick right before I had a speaking event and I had to pivot quickly

[00:34:14] Audio Diary entry #6: I share why I’m choosing to work on a weekend, even when I don’t want to.

[00:36:26] Review of the lessons I learned this last week from the “flops” I shared with you.

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