Overcoming Work Addiction and Remaining a Successful Entrepreneur with Chalene Johnson

If you’ve struggled with addiction to work and placing your value in the success of your business, this episode is for you.

My amazing co-host, Lori Harder, connected me with the magical, mythical creature that is Chalene Johson. In this episode, we're lucky enough to hear Chalene's candid and fascinating entrepreneurship journey. From flipping cars as a teenager to navigating her husband's gambling addiction AND holding the Guinness world record for most fitness classes taught, Chalene's journey has been nothing short of unique.

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[00:01:22] Hear Chalene’s story and more about her life’s mantra of “let's figure out a way”.

[00:03:01] Chalene shares how she has to break the belief that she is only valuable because she makes money.

[00:06:50] The point at which Chalene shifts to therapy and learning was when she had an implosion in her marriage after finding out about her husband's gambling addiction.

[00:08:48] Chalene realized that she also had an addition to work.

[00:09:50] It was in high school that Chalene realized she was different. At 16 she had her first business flipping cars.

[00:14:12] Chalene learned she’s good at seeing patterns and solving problems which would lead to her success in business.

[00:17:47] A mentor told Chalene “You’re just working and working, you need to pick just one thing and pick the thing where there is an opportunity”. This was when she realized she wanted to pick the fitness industry.

[00:22:10] Chalene shares her business success was by learning to make something unique even in a saturated market.

[00:27:14] Chalene shares what she would do differently if she could go back.

[00:31:43] The best advice Chalene would give is to hire the best attorney you can find.

[00:33:02] In 2005, Chalene had the most famous fitness infomercial.

[00:35:29] After the selling of her business, Chalene learned to trust that there were other people that could do what she thought only she could do.

[00:37:23] Despite selling her business, Chalene never worried it was the last idea she would have success at. This thought would lead to her next business venture.

[00:49:34] Chalene predicts that the next big thing online will be Long Form Video. She believes that our brains want to slow down and have control over our attention.

[00:53:05] The way Chalene sees it, the entrepreneurs who will succeed are the ones who invest in others.

[00:54:07] Two common theme Chalene sees throughout her life is that she is a problem solver and that she is a teacher at heart.

[00:55:48] Chalene shares her advice to young entrepreneurs that you shouldn’t try to do it yourself. “You save yourself so many headaches and so much trial and tribulation by investing in that person who’s done it”.

[00:56:59] Chalene shares how to connect with her online. You can listen to her business podcast, Build Your Tribe, or listen to her personal podcast The Chalene Show.

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Chalene Johnson

Chalene Johnson is a self-proclaimed Queenager with ADHD, who, after selling millions of workout videos, stepped away from consumer fitness when it got too unhealthy for her. Today, she teaches others how to live their best life on her top-ranked Podcasts. This NY Times Best-Selling Author and lover of all things girly is on a mission to share everything she knows about life and business, all with a healthy dose of sass.

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