How to Create Content That Removes Objections and Increases Your Sales

Believe me when I say that I immediately slammed my laptop shut the moment I heard him say $25,000…

Several years back, James Wedmore (my now friend and mentor) was about to open cart for one of his masterminds. JD (my husband and business partner) and I were trying to guess the price before he mentioned it. “$5,000?”… “No way, $10,000?”… whatever it was, we knew it wasn’t going to be cheap.

So, why did hearing him say that the price was $25,000 make me slam my computer shut?

It’s because even considering paying that amount of money made my mind automatically go to feelings of fear, doubt, and uncertainty… emotions that I didn’t want to feel.

But here’s the kicker, slamming my computer shut wasn’t a no. It was an objection that he addressed and handled.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to address your potential customers' objections to increase sales, create content and bonuses that directly refute their fears and concerns, and understand the specific objections related to your industry.

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(00:01:20) The importance of creating content that addresses objections and fears to increase sales and revenue.

(00:02:24) The strategy of offering bonuses that refute objections when potential customers express interest in buying.

(00:05:27) What objections ARE (and ARE NOT).

(00:07:09) The importance of empathy when helping your potential customers overcome objections, moving them from fear to possibility.

(00:08:06) How to address and overcome fear, doubt, and uncertainty in the sales process.

(00:15:04) The distinction between universal fears and business-specific fears and how to address them.

(00:16:40) How to use market research to know which questions and fears to address.

(00:17:35) How to use questions to refute objections.

(00:18:33) The importance of understanding and empathizing with customer struggles and fears.

(00:19:33) How I addressed concerns about the length of my course.

(00:24:55) How to reframe fears into objections to better address them.

(00:26:30) The difference between universal and business-specific objections and how to reframe them in sales conversations.

(00:28:25) Examples of creating bonuses that address specific objections and fears.

(00:31:50) How to turn objections into sales.

(00:32:54) Strategies for increasing revenue.

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