How to Create an UNFORGETTABLE Customer Experience

I’ll NEVER forget the way they made me feel…

We (JD, my business partner and husband, and I) went to Las Vegas with a 24-hour notice to meet our daughter, Luna, for the very first time.

Knowing that this is undisputedly the most important **day of our entire lives, we wanted it to be an incredible experience.

But the hotel that we originally booked reeked of decades-worth of cigarette smoke and dust-filled curtains…

We simply couldn’t stay there… so we called the Four Seasons.


It was quite possibly the most incredible experience I’ve ever, EVER had… I’m talkin’ upgraded suits, fresh flowers, hand-written notes, bottles of prosecco…

Y’all, the valet even helped us install Luna’s car seat. Just incredible. And because of this experience, we return (like clockwork) every single year.

The lesson: If you want more referrals and repeat buyers, create an unforgettable experience.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to create an experience that’ll increase customer loyalty and your competitive edge. I also break down the customer journey, sharing strategies for you to create impactful experiences at each phase.

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(00:00:01) My unforgettable experience of adopting Luna in Las Vegas (and the unexpected challenges.)

(00:02:08) The extraordinary care and support provided by the Four Seasons during our stay, leading us to yearly visits.

(00:05:54) The importance of creating unforgettable experiences in business and how it can set YOU apart from competitors.

(00:07:01) The HUGE impact of creating great experiences.

(00:08:00) How you can create an experience at each stage of the customer journey (and strategies for doing so!)

(00:08:57) Examples of how a service-based business owner, product-based business owner, and a network marketer can create experiences to capture attention and spark curiosity.

(00:15:42) How to create a killer experience in the purchasing stage with seamless onboarding and shopping experiences.

(00:17:43) The Importance of creating a good first impression and the customer's initial awareness of your product or service.

(00:20:43) How you can provide ongoing support and resources to ensure customers get the best results.

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