How to Avoid Self-Sabotaging Your Launch

I call it…“The Serena and Venus Williams Effect”.

That feeling we get when we see someone claiming victory.

We see the oh-so-prestigious-shiny trophy, but we don’t see what it symbolizes.. the cold, dark, and silent work to get it.

And lemme tell you, every olympic level athlete has one thing in common… they’ve had WAY more failures than championships and they kept going.

And that’s what it takes for us as business owners. If you’ve launched a product or service and you didn’t get the results you wanted (no scratch that, DESERVE!) this episode is for you.

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[00:00:14] The assumption I made about the 6 & 7-figure business owners who attended my mastermind (I was wrong!)

[00:02:21] The conversation I had with venture-backed capitalists that led to an aha moment.

[00:04:18] Three frameworks for you to NOT self-sabotage your future launch.

[00:06:18] How to assess variables and make improvements for future launches.

[00:09:53] The mindset to have around launches and how to learn and move forward from failed launches.

[00:10:40] What it takes to play at an Olympic athlete level in your field.

[00:13:43] The embarrassing moment I had when attending my first mastermind (and how I met my amazing friend, Amy Porterfield).

[00:18:52] How I stopped trading hours for dollars and created time freedom.

[00:20:57] The experience of having to learn and do everything yourself before being able to hire help and delegate tasks.

[00:22:45] How making small changes can lead to fast results.

[00:23:41] Jasmine emphasizes the need to put in silent, dark, and cold work like an athlete before deserving success and holding the trophy.

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