How I Rediscovered Joy as a Leader, Founder, and CEO

Can I be really real with you for a moment?

Podcasting was starting to feel…well, lonely. As much as I love this creative outlet and especially the opportunity to go deeper with you – I was ready to spice things up.

So, I started asking myself, how might I have a podcast host without having to change the nature of my show?

This single thought led my team and I to the idea of having a temporary co-host. The co-host coordinates and curates the guests and contribute to conversational questions (which takes a lot of the pressure and responsibility off of me).

And y’all this was IT. (praise hands)

Just like that, the fun/excitement/zest was back.

In this episode that originally aired on the Earn Your Happy podcast with Lori Harder, we discuss the power of creating meaningful connections, staying in your zone of genius as a CEO, and the importance of aligning with fulfilling projects.

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(00:00:42) Why I started bringing on a co-host for my podcast and the impact it has made.

(00:09:03) The importance of delegating and staying in your zone of genius.

(00:14:02) My insights on reframing thoughts about money and hiring team members to grow.

(00:19:28) The lessons I learned through personal development.

(00:23:12) My journey of rediscovering passion, purpose, and the creation of new business ideas.

(00:27:25) Why I created my NEWEST offer.

(00:29:07) Strategies for women in male-dominated industries and spaces.

(00:31:46) How understanding your business’s data and metrics builds confidence.

(00:40:33) How to build a strong network through genuinely caring and showing interest in others.

(00:41:48) How to name a project/offer with simplicity and clarity.

(00:49:04) The power a webinar can have on service AND product-based businesses.

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