How to Uncover and Tell Your Conversion Story with Colin Boyd

Did you know that our brains are literally wired to not only LOVE but to remember stories?

Cool, huh? This collective love for stories makes storytelling one of the most POWERFUL content (and let’s be real, sales) strategies. It enables us to get our message across in a way that people want to receive it.

And that’s magic.

But when you tell the right story to the right people, they’re able to envision themselves in your story…

And, well, that’s magic with a sprinkle of fairy dust – topped with unicorn sparkles…

And it’s called your conversion story.

In this episode, my very good friend, Colin Boyd, Selling From Stage Coach and Storytelling Expert, shares exactly how to leverage storytelling in presentations and sales calls to increase your conversion rates.

When you listen, you’ll also learn the three elements of a great story, how to infuse teaching with selling, and Colin’s Conversion Story Framework.

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(00:04:33) The pivotal moment in Colin’s coaching business that led to a transformation in his career.

(00:07:09) Colin narrates the impact of a successful presentation on his coaching business and career.

(00:08:48) The distinction between origin story and conversion story and the importance of the latter in conveying transformation.

(00:14:50) How storytelling can help you influence and connect with the audience.

(00:16:27) How to choose the right story to tell.

(00:19:29) The three elements of a great story for audience engagement.

(00:24:56) The impact of speaking on stage and running webinars when establishing authority and leadership.

(00:29:04) How to effectively communicate with the audience.

(00:32:03) The importance of shifting beliefs and teaching practical (but non-overwhelming) content in presentations.

(00:35:50) The process of achieving results without explicitly revealing the offer.

(00:38:47) How to teach and sell at the same time to create value and desire in the audience.

(00:45:16) The importance of practicing presentations (in front of a mirror or camera) to connect your thoughts with spoken words.

(00:52:28) The Conversion Story Formula to craft and share a conversion story within 48 hours.

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Colin Boyd

Colin is obsessed with helping experts and entrepreneurs grow their businesses through live stages and webinars.  He keynotes at conferences around the world on the topic of persuasive communication. Colin is a CSP, NLP practitioner, and ICF-certified coach, and his clients include Coca-Cola, Suncorp, Fuji Xero, and Hewlett Packard to name a few. His signature program Sell From Stage Academy® helps people create and deliver presentations that connect with their audience and convert them into clients. He's an Aussie who now lives in Newport Beach, California with his wife and two little kids. 

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