Do THIS to Close More Sales

Harsh reality: 44% of sales conversations fail due to unhandled objections.

This is almost half. Hot dang.

But the good news is that objection handling is a skill that is learned, practiced, and refined over time. (Just like anything else in business, eh?)

And because I truly (TRULY!) care about you and your business, I’m sharing all of my objection-handling secrets with you.

Tea? Consider it spilled….

Because, in this episode, you’ll learn how to handle five of the most common objections business owners face and my favorite strategies to close more sales.

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(00:00:01) The importance of handling objections in business.

(00:09:36) How handling objections can prevent misunderstandings.

(00:13:37) How handling objections builds trust.

(00:15:36) The five most common objections and how to handle them.

(00:21:32) My personal experience and challenges with money (and my solutions).

(00:23:18) Strategies to close your high-ticket offers.

(00:27:04) Strategies to address prospects' hesitation to commit, including free trials and phased options.

(00:30:43) Using a money-back guarantee or free trial to overcome objections.

(00:31:31) Three strategies for getting more yeses.

(00:37:27) How to practice handling objections.

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