Lessons I Learned in Law School That Made Me A Better Entrepreneur

You might know this about me by now, but I believe the best way to learn in your industry is to learn outside of your industry.

This way we aren’t just passing down the same old information again, and again. And when we have experiences that teach us lessons and we apply those lessons in business… Well, then we’re cooking with fire.

And for me, one of the most pivotal times in my life was being a law student. And even though I dropped out, I truly (truly!) believe that I wouldn’t be the entrepreneur I am today without that experience.

So, in this episode, you’ll learn the five BIGGEST lessons I learned in Law School, how they’ve helped me in my business, and most importantly—how YOU can apply them in your business.

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(00:01:10) The importance of understanding the lessons from past experiences.

(00:02:14) The value of making courageous decisions.

(00:04:05) The five biggest lessons learned from dropping out of law school.

(00:05:48) How I apply analytical thinking in business.

(00:08:43) A technique I learned to be a better communicator.

(00:16:01) How to get your point across (in the best way!).

(00:19:36) The story behind why I started waking up at 4:30 AM.

(00:24:02) How to shorten the learning curve in business. (What I wish I knew sooner!)

(00:27:22) One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made during my career as a photographer (and the lesson it taught me.)

(00:29:57) How I’m focusing on big-picture thinking and delegating the details as the business grows.

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