Change Your Life in One Year with Sahil Bloom

What if you treated your life like a puzzle?

Allow me to explain: when you approach a puzzle, you typically start by identifying the corners or edges.

Once you have your corners in place, you begin filling in the pieces, one by one. Each piece represents a small step or task that contributes to the larger picture.

Well, in life, progress is made by breaking down big goals into manageable tasks and tackling them one at a time. By focusing on completing one piece at a time (and not the whole picture), you gradually build momentum and move closer to your goal.

This was one of the many (MANY!) takeaways from recording this episode with my new friend Sahil Bloom, and of course, my temporary co-host Jen Gottlieb.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to make small changes that lead to BIG transformations, and what to do if you want to change your whole life… in just one year.

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(00:00:01) Why you must take risks and start before you feel completely prepared.

(00:04:14) How Sahil creates small, daily positive impacts.

(00:05:59) The concept of changing your life in ONE year.

(00:06:52) The concept of making small pivots to reach your goals

(00:10:04) What to do when you’re being consistent but still not seeing results.

(00:15:19) How to get better at doing hard things (and why it’s important).

(00:17:06) How to train yourself to handle stress.

(00:18:42) The realization Sahil had that changed his whole life.

(00:21:19) How Sahil got started in entrepreneurship.

(00:30:12) Why you need to focus on complementarity partnerships instead of compatible ones.

(00:32:36) The importance of putting yourself out into the world to create opportunities and find the right business partners.

(00:32:55) What it means to expand your “Luck Surface Area” (and how to do it!).

(00:33:58) The importance of learning outside of your industry.

(00:37:30) How to find out what you’re fully capable of doing.

(00:40:38) How to rewire your brain to think differently (in the BEST way!).

(00:42:54) The impact of taking immediate action on ideas to solidify learning and understanding.

(00:45:14) Strategies for overcoming fear of large tasks.

(00:48:15) The power of creating momentum with small wins.

(00:48:50) The BEST way to create “winner momentum”.

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Sahil Bloom

Sahil Bloom is an inspirational writer and content creator, captivating millions of people every week through his social insights and bi-weekly newsletter The Curiosity Chronicle. His forthcoming debut non-fiction book is set to revolutionize readers' lives with its groundbreaking framework, helping them break free from the daily grind, discover true fulfillment, and build a life of infinite wealth. The book is a unique blend of strategies, tactics, and actionable insights, enabling readers to make real, positive changes and lead healthier, wealthier lives. Sahil is also a successful entrepreneur and owner of SRB Holdings, a personal holding company currently comprised of seven cash-flowing businesses, and the Managing Partner of SRB Ventures, a $10 million venture investment firm committed to investing in and accelerating the most compelling startups in the world. Prior to launching SRB Ventures in January 2022, Sahil was an early-stage investor in 40+ startups across the technology landscape, including multiple unicorns. His previous roles include Vice President and Advisor at Altamont Capital Partners, a generalist investment fund with over $3.5 billion in capital under management, focused on control investments in middle market companies. Sahil graduated from Stanford University with an M.A. in Public Policy (2014) and a B.A. in Economics & Sociology (2013). While at Stanford, he was a four-year member on the Stanford Baseball Team (2009-2013), twice helping to guide the team to NCAA Super Regional appearances (top-16 finishes). Additionally, Sahil earned two PAC-12 All-Academic Team awards and twice received the Bruce R. Cameron Memorial Award, given annually to a student-athlete exhibiting excellence in athletics, academics, and leadership. Academically, Sahil was advised in his pursuits by former Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice.

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