Finding Joy in “The Build” to Grow a Massive Business with Jason Phillips

Wanna know the most important move you’ll ever (EVER!) make in business?

… The first move.

… And then it’s the next move.

… And then it’s the one after that.

Here’s the thing: I know (I know, I know) that making business moves before you feel ready FEELS very counterintuitive… and that’s why few people do it. But it’s necessary.

And one of my favorite examples of this is Jason Phillips, CEO and founder of the Nutritional Coaching Institute.

When he started his business, he didn't wait for the perfect moment or until he felt completely prepared. Instead, he took action. He launched his coaching program, refined it through trial and error, and adapted based on feedback.

Spoiler alert: He actually just decided to shut down a $6M revenue stream in his business.

In this episode, you’ll learn the beliefs Jason holds to be (extremely) successful, how he overcomes obstacles, and the strategy Jason is using to create his new offer.

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(00:04:25) How to overcome self-doubt and limitations.

(00:05:29) Jason’s ONE belief that helps him achieve anything he sets his mind to.

(00:08:00) How Jason overcomes obstacles.

(00:13:29) Our thoughts on if we’ll ever feel like we have “enough”.

(00:16:48) How to find the joy in the chase, anticipation, and achievement rather than the end result.

(00:22:45) Developing the drive to constantly improve and surpass previous levels of success.

(00:29:18) The role selfishness and selflessness play in achieving success.

(00:32:24) Jason’s story about his card declining at Starbucks (and how it changed his mindset.)

(00:33:50) Jason's decision to offer coaching for free to a national champion weightlifter and the surprising impact on his business.

(00:35:24) Jason's perspective on authenticity in marketing and sales, and the value of offering free services.

(00:42:48) Jason's decision to close a $6M revenue stream due to feeling out of alignment.

(00:45:00) Jason's plan to “build a whisper”—a concept Alex Hormozi writes about in his book.

(00:47:31) Jason developing his offer (in real time!) and his strategy behind it.

(00:51:41) The mindset of expecting failure and using it as a learning opportunity in business.

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Jason Phillips

Jason is the CEO and founder of the Nutritional Coaching Institute. As a former anorexic whose life was saved by a coach, he is now on a mission to change the lives of one billion people through the vehicle of health and fitness. Jason has written for and appeared in countless publications, and has worked with professional athletes in the UFC, WWE, Pga tour, NFL, NHL, and countless other professional arenas. By certifying over 7000 coaches, and helping several of them achieve financial independence, Jason has built an 8 figure empire that continues to grow.

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