How to Prepare, Create, and Deliver Your Pitch

Have you ever been captivated by a pitch? Like, you couldn’t look away even if you wanted to?

And I’m sure while keeping your attention the presenter just effortlessly wove in and out of a narrative making you forget you were even being pitched to.

Well, I hate to spoil the enchantment for you, but it’s not effortless.

The preparation, the storytelling, the follow-up: It’s all VERY strategic.

So, ready to learn how to create a pitch that converts (or just helps you get your way in life?)

Ahhh, I know you well, my friend.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to prepare, craft, and deliver your pitch in a way that captivates your audience and makes them want to fling cash money at you.

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(00:00:01) The first pitch I ever heard and will NEVER forget.

(00:01:18) The different types of pitches in business.

(00:02:15) The pitch process I used as a wedding photographer to book clients FAST.

(00:04:05) How to keep attention and inspire action during your pitch.

(00:06:57) Why you must use a framework when creating your pitch (and how you can apply my framework in your business!)

(00:08:42) The three things you MUST know BEFORE you pitch your offer.

(00:12:37) How to craft your pitch.

(00:16:37) How to elevate your pitch.

(00:18:43) The impact of using your tone and body language when pitching.

(00:19:46) The BEST thing you can do to become confident when pitching.

(00:23:35) How to follow up after your pitch.

(00:25:45) Examples of really good follow-ups.

(00:27:40) Bonus tips for when you’re following up.

(00:30:30) My personal action step for you based on what you learned in this episode.

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