What Investors Are Really Looking For with Kim Perell

She was denied a business loan again, and again, and again.

Until she got her grandma to loan her some cash and she started her digital advertising business right at her kitchen table.

Long story short: Kim Perell is now a best-selling author, CEO, and a VERY prominent angel investor. Y’all she sold her last company for $235 million And she does it all with… no, not one… but TWO sets of twins.

In this episode, you’ll learn what criteria investors are looking for in companies and founders, the three signs it’s time to pivot your business, and how paying attention to the market can help you make better decisions.

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(00:02:08) The importance of embracing uniqueness and self-belief.

(00:09:41) Kim’s pivot with her own digital advertising company.

(00:16:03) Three signs (and commonalities) that show when a business needs to pivot or a strategy isn’t working.

(00:22:28) The traits Kim looks for in founders who are seeking investment.

(00:26:01) Practical advice on how to pitch your ideas (and yourself) to potential investors.

(00:31:06) The concept of “earning out” in business sales.

(00:33:27) How market conditions led to making big big decisions.

(00:35:04) The importance of relationships in business and the power of networking.

(00:39:33) Seeking help: Should investees feel nervous or fearful when asking for help from investors?

(00:47:50) The financial aspects investors look for when being pitched.

(00:49:03) The need for vulnerability in acknowledging the challenges of entrepreneurship and supporting each other through the difficulties.

(00:49:35) The unseen hard work behind entrepreneurship.

(00:50:29) How to reach success in difficult economic situations.

(00:53:43) The role investors play in providing support beyond just financial backing.

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Kim Perell

Kim Perell is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Prominent Angel Investor, Keynote Speaker, and Bestselling Author of “JUMP” and “The Execution Factor”. Kim started her first company from her kitchen table when she was 23 and grew it to a $100 million dollar company. She sold her last company for $235 million to Singtel, one of the most prestigious telecommunication companies in the world. A great believer in paying it forward, Kim loves to help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve success and is an investor in over 100 companies. Kim’s achievements as a leader, entrepreneur, and passionate advocate for women in business have been widely recognized.

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