Reinventing Yourself: Ready for Your Next Chapter?

If I’m being honest: I’ve reinvented myself more times than I can count…. and I’m certain I’m not done, yet.

You see, every pivot, shift, and transformation led me to this very moment, here with you today.

And what I’ve learned about the reinvention process is this: if you find yourself constantly feeling disconnected or thinking about the “next thing” you want to pursue, it's a sign that your current path may not be serving you as it should. (And that needs to change.)

Unsure where to even begin the process? Well, my friend, you’re in the right place.

In this episode, you’ll learn the four phases of reinventing yourself and what to do in each phase. Oh and spoiler alert: you’ll even take my Reinvention Readiness Quiz at the end (rewind and pause me as much as you need to.)

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(00:00:01) The importance of gaining clarity on YOUR personal desires and goals

(00:03:02) My best tips for taking action in the reinvention process.

(00:16:33) How to stop comparison in its tracks and realize how far you’ve truly come.

(00:17:26) How I deal with uncertainty and doubt

(00:18:10) The harsh truth about reinventing yourself

(00:20:52) How you’ll most likely feel in the reinvention process.

(00:22:16) An example of someone who’s reinvented themselves SO well.

(00:23:08) Your Reinvention Readiness Quiz and decision guide.

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