Strategies that Have Transformed My Business with (My Coach) Susan Sierota

I generated an additional $555,000 in revenue with the advice she gave me for free.

That’s when I knew I needed her in my sphere.

And her mentorship has been, dare I say, life-changing.

Everything from helping me empower my team to run the operations to handling (many) business curve balls.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to handle tough situations in entrepreneurship, get more by doing less, and build confidence in yourself as a leader.

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(00:00:15) The back story: how Susan and I’s mentoring relationship began and what it looks like now.

(00:02:13) How Susan impacted my business before I ever spent a dime on her.

(00:05:15) What Susan said to me (and didn’t say) that made me CRAVE her leadership.

(00:09:39) The conversation shifts to the challenges of being a CEO and the paradoxes and opposites involved in building and scaling a business.

(00:11:06) The importance of giving yourself credit and recognizing your strengths to build confidence and take action.

(00:12:45) The decision Susan helped me make which allowed me to empower my team and expand my business.

(00:15:07) One of the hardest things Susan helped walk me through.

(00:16:04) How to focus on PLANS instead of problems.

(00:17:15) The work that needs to be relinquished and/or resourced to align with your business goals.

(00:18:00) How to execute and get better results.

(00:22:30) Susan's experience in big companies, startups, and entrepreneurship.

(00:27:29) What to consider when applying advice.

(00:31:51) How to deal with emotions as a CEO.

(00:33:13) The importance of trusting your own judgment as a leader, making tough decisions, and dealing with conflicting advice.

(00:35:22) What it means to “earn the right to bigger problems.”

(00:40:27) Sneak peek of the upcoming podcast guests.

(00:44:53) A recent decision that encouraged me to think bigger.

(00:45:51) The process of thinking bigger by doing less.

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Susan Sierota

Susan is an entrepreneur, operator and executive, board director, teacher, and on occasion, a CEO coach. Susan's first career was in Brand Management & Growth at Procter & Gamble, MillerCoors, and then Peet’s Coffee. She then founded & exited 2 venture backed companies, one a Fintech SaaS company and one a Hardware and Data company. She loves to support founders and CEOs as they take on the hard challenge of business building, knowing that our business tend to grow us as much.. if not more than we grow them.

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