Securing a Board Seat: What You Need to Do (and Know) Beforehand with Jocelyn Moore

Ever wondered what it's like to sit on a board?

Or, better yet, where to even begin when you're interested in serving on one? Well, wonder no more because Jocelyn Moore is here to share her own personal insights when it comes to all things boards.

Jocelyn is a Startup Advisor, and C-Suite Strategist, and check it… she left a role in the U.S. Senate for an unexpected (and pretty-freaking-phenomenal) opportunity with NFL executives.

In this episode, you’ll get insider tips on how to secure a board seat and what factors you should consider before accepting boardroom responsibilities.

But that's not all. This episode isn't just about the board room; it's about the power of human connection and the potential of genuine relationships.

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(00:01:44) The journey that led to Jocelyn's role as a startup advisor, C-suite strategist, and reputation builder.

(00:05:43) What Jocelyn learned working in the Senate.

(00:12:22) Jocelyn's (unexpected) opportunity to join the executives at the NFL.

(00:17:27) What it means and what it’s like to sit on a board and the role it plays in corporate entities.

(00:18:57) What to do if you’re interested in serving on a board.

(00:23:25) What you should know BEFORE taking a board seat.

(00:25:38) The best (of many) ways to get on a board.

(00:28:30) Jocelyn's transition from being a board director to starting her own consulting and real estate businesses.

(00:31:48)The importance of inclusive networks and how they can open new doors.

(00:33:15) Advice on leveraging existing networks for career growth.

(00:43:05) The importance of genuine human connections when networking.

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Jocelyn Moore

Jocelyn currently serves as an independent director on the board of DraftKings, a publicly traded technology company; OppFi, a publicly traded financial technology company; and Omaze, a private entertainment and media company disrupting traditional philanthropy. She is also a board member of Pallas Advisors, a strategic advisory firm specializing in national security, defense, and innovation. In October 2021, she was appointed by the Biden Administration to serve on the board of the First Responder Network Authority, a unique public-private partnership created after September 11th to provide a high-speed, nationwide, wireless broadband network for public safety.

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