The Impact of COVID-19 on Your Business: How to Grow in Uncertain Times

Boo boo, since the CoronaVirus showed up at our front door this month as a *very* unwelcome guest, we are allllll living in times of uncertainty right now. This past week has been nothing short of crazy, right?

*I feel like I’m living in a movie right nowHopefully that means a happy-ending is in our future!*

Everything that once felt “normal” to us, the routines we relied on, and the business we might have even under-appreciated are being put in the washer on a reeeeaaally long spin cycle. We are being tossed in a loop, not knowing which way is up or down. 

Movie theaters, malls, and amusement parks are all closed. Restaurants are take-out only. Grocery stores are full of empty shelves and not much else.

But when times are topsy turvy and I don’t know what makes sense anymore… I make the decision to keep moving forward and taking action. It’s about a mindset shift, Buttercup. 

>>I don’t have the answers but I find the answers by<<

Doing the work brings more clarity than stress, fear or doubt ever will. 

And here’s the thing: It doesn’t have to look perfect. In fact, this entire podcast episode was recorded in my closet because I can’t leave my home. It’s about taking messy action and making it work where you are NOW.

I can’t wait for us to look back on this season and see all the amazing opportunities we took hold of, the unexpected blessings that came out of it, the connections that were made, and the lessons we learned. Showing up for your audience and your business when times hit hard is when it matters the most.

>>You can't change what's happening with the world but you can change your mindset around it.<< 

Yes, these are uncertain times and you are being forced to decide how you will approach the future. But I want to remind you that we were made for moments like this…. Our character can shine bright in moments of despair by helping others. 

So if you’re wanting to make sense of the mess, show up for your audience, grow your business and feel confident doing it, click >>HERE<< to dive into this episode on building your business during uncertain times. You and me boo, we are in this together. 

And because I’m not about just talking the talk boo, I want to show up for YOU. Our amazing team put together a Social Curator sneak peak for you during this time. This is a no nonsense, no pitch, no expectation. So if you’d like to see what we do on the inside of Social Curator and download engaging caption templates so you know how to show up and talk about your business click >>HERE<<.

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