5 Lessons for the Crypto Curious?

The first time I ever heard of something called an “NFT” was on Gary Vaynerchuk’s podcast.

Like most things in his career, Gary was way ahead of the curve when he decided to draw seemingly worthless cartoons and sell them using cryptocurrency to gain entrance to his live conference the following year.

Though I had only scratched the surface of learning about blockchain, my team and I knew right then and there that he had opened our eyes to something massively powerful.

The topic of NFTs and cryptocurrency is a fascinating one, albeit confusing at first, which is why Daniel (Software Developer for Social Curator) and I decided to create a 5-part educational podcast series and corresponding workbook for those who are unfamiliar with it.

>>I believe that cryptocurrency is the way of doing business in the future.<<

*There, I said it!*

Which is why I wanted to create this series to educate you on the topic, as well as help you make an informed decision on the place these digital assets will have in the next iteration of your business.

Five Lessons for the Crypto Curious

So if you’ve been wondering how Bitcoin and Ethereum work, what “blockchain” is, or how to buy and sell NFTs, this series is for you. On the other hand, if you’ve never heard these terms before but want to be on the cutting edge of today’s technology, this series is also for you.

No matter what level of awareness you’re coming into this conversation from, Daniel and I will walk you through it each step of the way!

Here are the topics covered in each lesson:

  1. What Is an NFT, Cryptocurrency Basics, and Why It’s Not Too Late to Start: In this episode, you’ll learn the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies combined (and why it matters), what is an NFT (Non Fungible Token), where these digital certificates (NFTs) are stored, what the “blockchain” is, and how cryptocurrencies such as Ehtereum, Bitcoin, Solana, and others operate.
  2. How to Purchase Your First NFT: Gary Vaynerchuk recently equated the development of NFTs with the discovery of fire… and stated that ALL of us will own them one day. The question I have for you is: will you continue to sit on the sidelines or choose to spend time educating yourself on this groundbreaking technology? If you’re interested in the latter, it’s time to purchase your first NFT, and this episode will teach you how to do just that!
  3. What Do NFTs Have to Do with Social Media?: So far, I’ve just been scratching the surface of the technology behind NFTs, which is why Part 3 is all about expanding your knowledge of the space! In this episode, you’ll learn the definition of Web3 (and why it matters), what NFTs have to do with social media, where your NFTs are stored, what Profile Picture NFTs are, and more.
  4. How and When to Sell an NFT: If you’d like to make money in the NFT space, you’ll have to sell them eventually. NFT purchases can 10x or even 100x in value! So why wouldn’t you want to cash in on that kind of growth? That being said, this episode is the 4th part of our Crypto Curious series, and it covers how and when to sell an NFT, and we also answer listener questions such as what an “airdrop” and “delayed reveal” is.
  5. How to Create NFTs for Your Business: As long as you’re taking action on what you learn throughout the Crypto Curious series, you’re aaaaalmost an NFT pro by now. But there are just a few more terms to be familiar with, and then I’ll close out this series with how you can make money by creating NFTs! The last episode in the series discusses which businesses should create NFTs, how to mint your own, as well as Daniel’s predictions for the future of NFTs.

I want you to go from Crypto Curious to Crypto Confident in just 5 short lessons, so click >>HERE<< to download the NFT Checklist now and dive right in!