Why Podcasting Was The LAST Thing I Wanted To Add To My Business

Have YOU ever had an idea that just sent fear straight down your spine? Are you sitting on the sidelines letting self doubt, other people’s opinions and x, y and z excuses stop you from playing the game? 

Friends, let me tell you, I’m 100% guilty of this! I spent far too long second guessing whether or not I should start a podcast.

  • Would I be able to fit it in with everything I’m already doing?
  • What do I even talk about?
  • Who would even listen to me? 

*Yes, even I still doubt myself on the reg.* Our worst critic is the one in our own heads, am I right?

Fear is a normal first response to anything new or unknown. But it shouldn’t be the DEFINITIVE response.

For over a year I’d been playing around with the idea of starting my own podcast. I had so many questions, thoughts and fears swarming in my head. Eventually, I brought it up to my mentor, James Wedmore, that I wanted to have a podcast but it just didn't feel safe.

>>But James reminded me that nothing exciting ever comes from playing it safe.<<

What I've learned over the years is that the best things grow in discomfort. In that moment I realized I had to do the podcast because it scared me. I didn't know how to do a podcast or what it would be about, but I knew I needed to do it anyway. I had to do it scared.

Have you ever been to a crappy movie and the reason why it was crappy was because it was the most predictable movie ever? JD and I went to see Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood this summer and it was so BORING.

Like, mind-numbingly-get-me-out-of-here boring you could ever imagine. *Of course, JD loved it. But not because he's more artsy than me… I don't think…*

Is that what you want in your life? Is that why you signed up to be an entrepreneur? Are you willing to settle for boring, predictable, safe, and more of the same, or do you want more out of life? Because I firmly believe you were made to make a difference.

>>Buttercup, playing it safe SAFE gives us this illusion of certainty, security, and control. But when we do that we stay stagnant and get bored.<<

The BEST part of movies is the thrill and excitement of the unknown. The rollercoaster of emotions that comes with every twist and turn: the surprises, the things you learn, and the places it takes you.   

We are here to discover what we're really made of, what we're capable of and how far we can take ourselves. Our goal is to continue moving, growing and being thrilled. It’s all about the choices we're making every single moment. 

Action creates clarity.

Most people are sitting on the sidelines waiting for clarity before they take action, but that’s the *opposite* of how we need to live.

>>Through action we learn who we need to become, what we need to learn or unlearn, what we need to grab hold of or let go of along the way.<<

Will YOU choose to feed your new ideas with ACTION, trusting and knowing that clarity will come in time? Or will you continue to make excuses and stay where you are, not opening yourself up to all the possibilities out there for you? 

So, friend, this is me starting my podcast, sitting in fear and doing it anyway.

For over a decade I've realized that my passion led to my business, and my business led to my purpose, and my purpose is to empower people to believe that impossibilities are actually possibilities in your life.

I've learned how to give myself permission to have fun as I take on new challenges and learn a new skill. Are you ready to do the same?

Let’s begin to pursue our passions and our purpose together! The future is a blank canvas. I’m willing to start painting, but the real question is:

Will you pick up your paintbrush and paint with me? 

I am ready and waiting to cheer you on, so let me know if you want to join me and be a little scared a lot of the time. I'd love to know who you are, so please subscribe, rate and review to The Jasmine Star Show! *I promise to read each and every one.*

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