Building Your Effective Hashtag Strategy

Every single Wednesday afternoon for the past 2 and a half years, I have been hosting weekly live Q+A’s on Facebook Live titled “Ask Me Anything.”

*Give it up for consistency!*

During this time, we talk about life, business, social media, and everything in between… and one of those conversations is what you’re going to hear today!

In this episode, I answer questions about:

  • How to build your effective hashtag strategy
  • Setting goals while overcoming your fear of failure
  • What is Clubhouse and whether or not you should join
  • The best way to communicate a shift in your business

and more!

Y’all, this episode is JUICY so click play >>HERE<< to dive in!

When I go Live and give my advice to business owners in all different industries, I’m not worried about being liked… I want to give them the best tools to grow their business. To tune in to my weekly Ask Me Anything sessions live, follow me on Facebook @jasminestar!

listen to the episode:

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