The ONE Thing You Should Be Focusing On in 2021 | Interview on NBC New York

Are you feeling a little scattered with what you should be focusing on this year? *Don’t worry, I gotchu Buttercup!*

On NBC New York Live, Joelle Garguilo produces a segment about goal setting, fresh starts, and how to create a plan to do what you want. 

And even though just a short bit actually aired on television, Joelle’s team was so gracious to share the entire interview with us to share with you on the podcast.

Friends, I am honored to play for you the entire interview, so prepare your hearts for a fun, crazy, and fast conversation!

In this interview, Joelle and I discuss:

  • How I came to the decision to bet on myself and drop out of law school
  • My top tips for goal setting every quarter
  • The reason I recommend having a financial cushion when starting a business
  • ONE thing everyone should be focusing on in 2021
  • My best advice for those just starting out on social media

and so much more!

Y’all, Joelle was an amazing interviewer and I loved chatting with her about what it takes to have a fresh year, fresh start, and fresh you.

Click play >>HERE<< to learn the ONE thing you should be focusing on in 2021!

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listen to the episode:

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