How To Follow Your Dreams Without The Fear of Regret

Why is it that you so believe the message SHOOT FOR THE STARS and YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO when you’re a kid but as an adult you hide in the corner belittling your ability? *Boo boo, lock me up because I’m guilty as charged.* 

Let’s throw that negative mindset out like those stanky old sneakers sitting in your closet.

I don’t want to catch you quietly dreaming but not taking action because of fear, doubt, or any of the arsenal of excuses you have lined up waiting to shoot at me. *I ain’t going to hear them!* 

That wild dream is longing to get out! So Buttercup step out into your purpose. You have a special gift that only YOU can provide to this world. 

You aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, heck you’re not even guaranteed the next minute. 

That fact alone is enough to make me get out of bed each morning with some big gangster hoop earrings and take action. 

>>Do it scared because if you don’t, you’re robbing the universe of the thing that  you’ve been put here to do.<<

So cheers to embracing what you were called to do and all that comes along with it!  Acknowledge the potential to fail. Acknowledge the potential to succeed. Drink extra coffee as needed. Feel all the emotions. 

It’s up to you to believe when others doubt you and hustle when the odds are stacked against you!  

>>So tell me, how big are you going to dream?<< 

Whatever it is, just do it… Make it. Break it. Learn from it. Be afraid of it. Love it. Stand by it. Just do the dang thing. 

So let’s go back to being those kids on the school playground who dreamed big and believed they could do anything they put their mind to!

One day you'll look back and see how far you've come…. Remembering this right here was the moment that changed everything. So if you want to step into who you were made to be and continue to be inspired grab those headphones and listen >>HERE<< to my podcast. 

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