How to Beat the Algorithm

“Oh, no… Not another TikTok dance trend,” I think as I scroll through my feed.

The truth is, I feel awkward recording lip-syncing videos and busting out the dance moves typically reserved for my friend’s weddings (and after I’ve had a margarita or two, if I’m being honest).

As business owners, all we want is to showcase what we do but it seems like the algorithm is making us jump through hoops to do it.

Can you relate, friend?

If you can, I have good news: your posts CAN be seen by your dream customer… even if you don’t have a million followers, a picture-perfect life, or TikTok dance moves. *I sure don’t!*

I can prove it in today’s episode, a recording of my free Masterclass: How to Beat the Algorithm!

In this one hour class, you’ll learn:

  • How to get your posts seen by your dream customer
  • The best way to get your followers to talk back to you
  • My secret to getting a small audience to make a BIG impact in your business

…and more!

Click play >>HERE<< to get allll the deets on how to get seen, stand out, and make sales!

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listen to the episode:

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