Tips for Pitching Yourself On A Podcast with My Producer, Kristi Smith

If you’re listening to this episode, there’s a good chance you love listening to podcasts as much as I do.

Podcasts have been the best thing to bless my ears since Rhianna and Beyonce’s fierce music. *And both of them are Irreplaceable…get it?!*

I listen to podcasts in the car, while I work out, while I get ready for the day… sometimes I even listen to them while I’m just chilling out at home.

If you love listening to podcasts, chances are you’ve heard an episode or two with a guest contributor. It’s a very popular format for podcasts nowadays!

This is because podcast guests provide value not only for the podcast host by sharing their unique insights, but also for themselves as free advertising.

>>Podcasts are a great way to get your name out into the world, even if it’s only through a listener’s headphones.<<

So if you’re a lover of podcasts and have the desire to pitch yourself to be a guest on a podcast, listen up!

This episode is broken up into two parts:

  • First, I’m going to give you the Top 5 Things you should do that will help you nail down your spot as a podcast guest.
  • Then, I’m going to be bringing on my podcast producer for the Jasmine Star Show, Kristi, for her to share some of her insights with you too!

Ready to hear our BEST tips for pitching yourself on a podcast? Click play >>HERE!<<

And because Kristi and I want to make sure you’re completely prepared to pitch yourself on a podcast, here’s a template you can use when sending an email to your favorite podcast host. *Don’t forget to include their name and other elements of personalization!*


Hi, __________ [Host Name]!

My name is __________ [Your Name] and I __________ [recently discovered your podcast on Spotify/have been listening to your show for years/etc.]. I wanted to thank you for __________ [providing me with endless entertainment on my commute/committing to share your insights on how to start a business/etc.]… it’s for this reason (and so many others) that __________ [Podcast Name] is one of my favorite podcasts!

If you are accepting applications for guests, I’d love to explain a little about myself and how I could provide your audience with value. __________ [Brief bio (5-7 sentences maximum) stating who you are, what you do, and any relevant information].

Below are a few of my talking points that I feel would be beneficial to your audience and make for some great conversations on the podcast:

  1. __________ [Fully fleshed-out Idea #1 (My unique approach to pricing your services, and why it will make you more money)]
  2. __________ [Fully fleshed-out Idea #2 (How to create an active, engaged social media audience and turn them into raving fans)]
  3. __________ [Fully fleshed-out Idea #3 (What to say when someone says “no” to your product or service… and how to change their mind)]

Here are some relevant links:

  • __________ [Relevant link #1 (Instagram)]
  • __________ [Relevant link #2 (Website)]
  • __________ [Relevant link #3 (Previous podcast interview)]

If I’m someone you would be interested in having on your podcast, I’d love to connect with you. If not, I’ll continue listening, subscribing, and cheering you on from afar!


__________ [Your Name]

__________ [Your Business Name]

__________ [Your Website]

 Kristi Smith

Kristi Smith is a podcast producer and serial entrepreneur living in Nashville, TN. After starting and scaling multiple businesses before the age of 22, she joined the Social Curator Team as a Content Creator in October of 2018. The following year, she worked closely with Jasmine Star, the founder and CEO of Social Curator, to launch the Jasmine Star Show. As the podcast producer, Kristi creates and executes on the show's growth-centric strategy to reach more business owners and help them build a brand and market it on social media. Under Kristi’s direction, The Jasmine Star Show has amassed millions of downloads since its inception in October 2019, and has been featured in major news outlets such as Forbes and Podcast Magazine.

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