Cultivate Wealth: Breaking the Broke Mindset with Anthony O’Neal

Do you want to cultivate wealth in your life and business? Well, friend, in order to do that you need to break your BROKE mindset… which is exactly what we’re chatting about today.

This episode is very special because my guest, Anthony O’Neal, is a #1 national bestselling author, speaker, financial expert, and host of the popular YouTube series and podcast, The Table. But the thing that makes it EXTRA special? We got to record this episode in PERSON!

That’s right – recently while I was on a business trip to Nashville, TN, Anthony and I were able to get together at Castle Recording Studio and sit face-to-face.

In this conversation, Anthony and I discuss:

  • How the way you were raised affects how you view money today
  • Daily habits business owners can start implementing today to ensure you’re not living above your means
  • Whether or not you should be investing while you’re in debt
  • One thing Anthony wishes all small business owners knew about managing their money before going into business

and more!

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Anthony as much as I enjoyed getting to know and learn from him. There’s nothing I love more than getting to have conversations with amazing business owners like him, and of course, sharing their insights with you, so click play >>HERE!<<

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Anthony O’Neal

Anthony O’Neal is a #1 national bestselling author, speaker, financial expert, and host of the popular YouTube series and The Table podcast with Anthony O’Neal. He’s passionate about reaching people in a real, relatable, and relevant way and helping them get a clear vision for their future so they can win with their life and money.

listen to the episode:

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