How Long It Takes to Start Making SALES on Social | Curator Coaching Session

Are you consistently posting on social media but not seeing results in your business? 

This episode is for you, friend… 

Because I’m about to teach you how to get SALES from your social media accounts!

In this sales-focused coaching session with Social Curator users, you’ll hear me answer the following questions:

  • On average, with consistently showing up on social media, how many months before I can expect to start getting clients?
  • How do I focus my strategy on my NEW digital products in a cohesive way since I'm selling a suite of them?
  • How do I connect with the client in order to begin the connection to make a sale?
  • How do I let go of the guilt for selling a product for people in serious need?

If you want tactical tips for getting more sales from social media, you’re going to LOVE this coaching session. Click play >>HERE!<<

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Kailyn Galloway

Kailyn is a coach who helps parents through the treatment of Clubfoot. She will be launching her online course “The Clubfoot Game Plan” in January 2022, which guides parents through the treatment of club foot. This congenital deformity affects 1 in 1000 and involves intensive treatment during the newborn stage. Kailyn’s program is designed to help parents tackle the emotional challenges of treatment as well as offer a practical guide to get through each treatment phase. Her blog, the Clubfoot Play-by-Play, is a weekly blog that gives tips and tricks to help with challenges during treatment.

Kristal James

Kristal is a wife, a new mother to her 1 year old son, and an entrepreneur. After working in corporate for over a decade, Kristal started her marketing business during the pandemic. She is a Certified Digital Marketing Strategist and the founder of UpLevel CODE, where she helps service-based business owners uplevel their business by creating their Sales Funnel, to nurture their warm leads and turn them into paying clients.

Sue Glenn

Sue is the Marketing Director of Diverse Marketing & Web Design. She started the company over 10 years ago with her husband, the tech wiz. Together, they help small business owners attract prospects and get leads by implementing proven email and social media strategies. Sue also conducts marketing workshops and provides private and group email training sessions as a Certified Local Expert & Speaker for Constant Contact. Her passion is connecting with new people through networking and teaching marketing strategies in person, specifically email marketing. Sue volunteers as a Subject Matter Expert for SCORE Long Island, and as Co-chair of a local women's networking group, IBWC (Independent Business Women's Circle). When she’s not working, Sue is either listening to business podcasts, reading a professional or personal development book, spending time with family, dog sitting for friends, gardening in her yard or planning her next DIY project.

Nicole Moses

Nicole is a mom of two littles and the owner and artist behind Beauty from Ashes Photography. She loves art, books, and making people feel special. Beauty from Ashes Photography combines all of her favorite things! She combines fine art and photography to create unique fairytale style portraits people can enjoy in their homes for years to come. She focuses on printed art so that people can enjoy their portraits every day on their walls.

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