The Key to Making Sales with Ease | Curator Coaching Session

I know the KEY to making sales for your business…

Intrigued yet?

It’s true! The secret to making sales lies within this coaching session with Social Curator users!

In this episode, you’ll hear me answer the following questions:

  • “I think I know how to create the know, like, trust factor but I struggle to convert clients. How often should I be posting my offer on all social media channels?”
  • “I usually sell small ticket items on social media and am now moving into a large price point at $179 for a course. The course previously sold well from my email list, but no engagement on social media. How can I better use social media to attract my ideal students?”
  • “After I launch and people buy once, how do I keep the interest going?”
  • “How do you make sales easily from a place of flow instead of forcing and pushing?”

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Allison Solomon

Allison is a Mindset + ADHD Momma Coach who helps moms parenting a child with ADHD go from feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, desperate to feeling hopeful, inspired and empowered with a tool box full of strategies to help them and their child.

Devon Gunning

Many world language teachers want to empower their students to confidently speak the language in class instead of focusing on unhelpful, out of context language rules. However, chronic overwork, overwhelm, lack of resources, and a clear roadmap get in the way. Devon is a world language instructional coach and curriculum creator who specializes in using self care and research-based teaching methods. She helps world language teachers rediscover the joy in teaching by eliminating overwhelm and outdated methods by switching to proficiency-based instruction. All while leaving with the buses! Devon provides ready-made lesson plans, curriculum consulting, courses, PD conferences, and handmade teacher planners infused with self care to restore both joy and excellence in your classroom and life.

Jess MacAleese

Jess MacAleese is a photographer best known for her emotive travel imagery captured from real-life moments. She has worked to document and share stories that inspire travellers to be curious about areas less known, feel connected to what unites us and celebrate what makes us different. Her career as a photographer has earned her opportunities to work in North America, Asia and the Middle East. More recently, she has launched a print store offering high-quality prints from around the world and a YouTube channel featuring fun travel insights and behind-the-scenes stories of life on the road. When she is not travelling the world, you can find her in her home base, Vancouver, Canada. To learn more, visit

Judit Mozscolics

Judit is a Self love coach and a Moon mother, helping women to get out of their own way, and reclaim their divine feminine power, so they can live a life full of magic where they fully become the women they were born to be. She helps them to heal their inner child, crush their limiting beliefs and find & embrace their feminine side.

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