Avoiding Sales Burnout, Getting Real Engagement + Marketing Made Easy | Social Curator Coaching Session

Raise your hand if you struggle with time management and burnout. *My hand is up too boo boo!*

As entrepreneurs, I feel like it’s inevitable. We make our own schedule, assign our own projects, solve problems all on our own. *I feel ya friend, the struggle is real*  

It’s this game we play… splitting our time between family, different projects or multiple passions. 

Let’s be real: ain’t no entrepreneur getting 8 uninterrupted hours of work time whether you have a family or are single. It’s just not realistic. And that’s not the life we chose! We could be sitting in a comfy office for 8 hours straight and there’s nothing wrong with that but that’s not how we roll. 

Buttercup, I want you to learn how to use your hours with no nonsense.

It’s about dedicating and protecting your time, but it’s also about permission and understanding. You have to give yourself grace and take things as they come. 

If you’re ready to find that balance then take a front row seat to a coaching session I have with Social Curators. This is just a taste of the topics. I talk ALLLLLL things managing time, avoiding sales burnout, getting real engagement and marketing. These moments are so dear to me because I get to hear from hustling business owners just like YOU! So join me by listening >>HERE<< and let’s create a clear path to productivity, determination, and hutzpah! 

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Kara Cahill

Bio: Kara is an Instagram strategist and digital course creator from sunny Florida. She started her journey in the online space as a social media manager and has since created a digital course designed to help online service based business owners master their Instagram marketing. Since becoming an Instagram strategist, she now helps other entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams and reach their wildest goals. Instagram was the number one client generator in her business when she started out and she has now created her signature 5-step method to help others have the same success on Instagram that she experienced. Kara is passionate about helping entrepreneurs design a business that fits into their lifestyle, spend more time with their families, and build a business that allows them to work from anywhere and travel the world!

IG Handle: @kara_cahill

Jill Christensen

Bio: Jill is, first and foremost, a mom to four incredible little humans. But early in life, she discovered a passion and gift for entrepreneurship and has relentlessly pursued that passion in her quest to create something meaningful in the world of business. As she has grown in her own entrepreneurial journey, Jill has recognized the need for more women to step up and lead and empower other women to play big as entrepreneurs as they use their unique gifts and talents to make an impact on the world around them. Jill is a coach and mentor for women who are ready to launch and grow their own business while keeping their families a priority.

IG Handle: @jillchriste

Sarah Brynteson

Bio: Sarah is a Tupperware Business Leader living in Minnesota.  She is the proud mom of two teens and wife to the love of her life for over 20 years.  Over the last nine years it has been her greatest pleasure is to help people save time, money & the environment with products that are designed to be sustainable, ECO safe, and last a lifetime!  Sarah has found over the last several years that her use of Social Media on Facebook and Instagram has allowed her business to reach heights that she never knew could be possible. As a Tupperware Business leader, she also has the opportunity to help people in her company bring their dreams to reality through sharing what Tupperware has to offer at in-home experiences and on Social Media.

IG Handle: @infiniteshineent

Cathleen Bearse

Bio: Cathleen is a licensed clinical social worker in private practice. She writes and talks about all things mental health and wellness at selfcarebestie.com and on The Self Care Bestie Podcast. She is passionate about providing affordable, time-saving alternatives to traditional therapy through free resources, live Q+As, and her membership community, My Self Care Besties. Cathleen lives in Connecticut with her husband and three sweet boys, the youngest of whom they are fostering and hoping to adopt in early 2020. When she’s not busy keeping little dudes alive, you can usually find her hiking in the woods or bingeing on Disney+, because balance.

IG Handle: @self_care_bestie

Kendra Swalls

Bio: Kendra is a former elementary school teacher turned entrepreneur with a passion for helping women find their confidence, power and purpose. Her photography business, Paisley Layne Photography, specializes in showing women their true beauty through beautiful and timeless boudoir portraits. With her second venture, Girl Means Business, she was able to combine her love of teaching with her passion for helping women succeed. Her weekly podcast of the same name includes casual conversations, tangible advice and expert interviews to help any new business owner feel confident and empowered.

IG Handle: @girlmeansbusiness

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