How To Serve The Gap In The Market | Interview on She’s Crafted To Thrive

Boo boo I want to bring you in on a special interview I did with Nikita Williams on her podcast called She's Crafted to Thrive

I have to let you know that I do a lot of podcast interviews and not too many of them are featured on my show, but there was something so special about this interview that I really couldn't wait to share with you. Nikita found a trap door to a part of my origin story that I rarely talk about. *She’s one gangster detective!*

In this interview,  I felt open, exposed, and also exhilarated at the same time. 

Nikita is a wonderful interviewer and it just so happens she is a member of Social Curator *so doubly awesome in my book*. So are you ready to listen in? 

>> I’m giving you ALLLLL my tips and tricks to finding that gap in the market and filling it.<<

Just like Julie Andrews says… Let’s start at the very beginning… when I first had this crazy idea to become a photographer and bring my service into the world,. you’ll hear about how I broke the internet by putting an online photography class together.  

If you walk away with one thing it’s that no idea is too crazy

 I don’t want you looking back on your life and asking:

  • Did I do the things I wanted to do?
  • Did I live my purpose?
  • Was I passionate? 

So together let’s find that gap in the market where you can use your giftedness and put out those crazy ideas! I don't care if you're training horses, walking dogs or selling skincare, you have something unique to offer. We all do. We see things differently, we feel things differently and we connect with people differently. That alone is what sets us apart as entrepreneurs

So click >>HERE<< to listen and if you enjoyed this episode as much as I did, I would love to invite you to subscribe to the podcast so you never miss a single episode.

Until next time friend, shine on/

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