How To Establish Your Authority When You’re New: Flash Fire Q&A

Every so often, our team collects questions from podcast listeners and asks me to record an episode where I answer them in real-time (so I can speak directly from the truest, realist, and most honest part of who I am).

I do exactly that in today’s episode and answer questions like:

  • “After pivoting to a brand new business, how do I establish myself as an authority when I am so new to the industry?”
  • “How did you conquer the belief that you're not good enough to take your first hire and make your first employee?” (aka: how did you overcome imposter syndrome when it came time to hire?)
  • “If you had to start again, what would you do differently to scale your business?”
  • “I’m an ambitious entrepreneur and built a successful business, but my personal priorities have changed. How can I set and achieve big goals without working more hours?”

Click play >>HERE<< to listen – and make sure you’re ready to take notes when you do. My goal is always to provide practical next steps so you can take action right away.

listen to the episode:

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