7 Pivots in Business Led to THIS Moment

Hold tight, friend – we’re taking a deep dive into my story and the many pivots that I’ve taken in order to be standing here today. 

As a bootstrapped founder, I’ve learned many lessons, encountered many challenges, and pivoted MANY times. 

At each turn, I was uneducated, unfunded, unqualified, and unprepared to start a new business, but I did. 

In my first year of business as a photographer, I earned six figures. 

Within three years, I got awards for my work and traveled the world with my camera.  My career took off, and I began creating content, teaching, and consulting, which generated multiple 7-figure revenue streams.  Here’s a peek at my career iterations…

2006: Photographer 

2010: Content Creator 

2012: Consultant 

2015: Course Creator 

2017: Membership Founder of Social Curator

2020: SAAS CEO of Social Curator

When we built our own tech stack on the inside of Social Curator in 2020, I had no idea how to run a tech company. I was paralyzed with fear, and the responsibilities intimidated me.

I was seriously so nervous about going to the tech meetings that my stomach churned with acid waves. 

But more than that fear, I loved our team. I was determined to learn as fast as I could, so I invested in coaching, mentors, and communities to figure out how to actually run a software company.

Now, Social Curator integrates with all of the major social platforms and helps entrepreneurs plan, create, and schedule their content, saving them so much time and energy. 

Our upgraded platform debuted earlier this month, and the feedback was incredible. 

We celebrated by hosting a free masterclass that showed our attendees how to create a month of content in less than two hours with our upgraded platform. (Wanna learn more about Social Curator? Click >>HERE<<)

Friend, I hope that hearing these challenges and lessons that I’ve learned over the past several years will help you in some way. 

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  • [00:06:37] How I started my photography business 
  • [00:08:59] My career iterations, from being a photographer to a course creator and eventually becoming a CEO of a SAAS company
  • [00:10:35] The challenges of building a SAAS business as a non-technical founder 
  • [00:14:48] How I scrappily launched Social Curator
  • [00:17:08] Why I decided to hire a CTO to build our own product and development team
  • [00:23:46] The process of rebuilding our tech stack, incorporating new features, and debuting our upgraded platform in May 2023.
  • [00:25:26] My five simple steps to grow a business.

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