5 Barriers That Stop You from Pursuing Your Dreams

Real talk… When it comes to pursuing your dreams, are you:

A) I’m a dreamer all the way, you know I’m all about those risks 

B) I chase my dreams, but only when it’s practical and safe 

C) Dreams? What are those ?

No matter which category you fit into, we ALLLLL face barriers when it comes to chasing our dreams. The difference is, do you let them stop you or do you jump right over them and leave them in your dust?

In today's podcast episode, I am calling out 5 barriers that stop you from pursuing your dreams.

Boo boo, I’m bringing these up because they are barriers that I’ve personally faced before and occasionally still do. And on those dark days when I wasn’t sure if I could push through, I wish someone gave me the encouragement I’m about to share with you.

This is made from my heart to yours.

Here are the 5 barriers stopping you from pursuing your dreams: 

  • Who am I to do this?
  • What if I get found out?
  • It's all been done before
  • What are people going to think of me? 
  • Will anyone listen to me? 

Do any of these sound familiar? I can’t wait for you to slash right through them and find your confidence. 

>>Because boo boo, you and your dreams are worth it!<<

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