How to Avoid the Biggest Mistakes I Made

Friend, how often do you think about your pre-Coronavirus life? Is it filled with nostalgia and longing?

For me, I think about receiving a call that we are able to adopt our baby girl and packing in about 30 minutes for a trip to Vegas… and that’s exactly what you’re going to hear today.

Right before the quarantine, I had a conversation with Vivian Nunez on her podcast, What Happened After?

Although I feel that while the changes in this episode feel different with what we’ve been through since then, the same lessons apply… Which, mostly, is to embrace the suck.

>>I mean it, friend: embracing the suck shows you where to go next!<<

I know you’re going to love this conversation with Vivian, because I enjoyed letting my guard down and being candid with her about what life looks like for my little family.

In this conversation, Vivian and I discuss:

  • How to let yourself ‘sit in the suck’
  • Tips for managing grief while still being productive
  • The reality of familial guilt as a first-generation entrepreneur

Friend, if you are ready to feel inspired, take action and embrace the suck, click play >>HERE!<<

Don't think about what you could or should, but instead about what is the next best step and you’ll do just fine, baby boo.

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listen to the episode:

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