Build a Business You’re Passionate About by Being You with Shani Tran

Y’all, I’m SO excited for today’s episode with Shani Tran, a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Minnesota.

Her mission is to create a safe place for her clients to feel seen and heard, because through her own life challenges she understands life can be hard… especially for People of Color.

*That’s right Buttercup, we’re getting DEEP today!*

Through TikTok videos, Shani works to destigmatize therapy so if you love authenticity and a ‘no BS’ approach to difficult topics, you are going to LOVE this conversation about owning your story.

In this interview, Shani and I discuss:

  • Why it’s important for business owners to acknowledge, accept, and own their story
  • How to own your story and use it to build a business you’re passionate about
  • Why storytelling is so important to the process of accepting yourself
  • The best way for business owners to share their story on social media

…and more.

>>Friend, I hope this incredible conversation with Shani inspires you to discover your story and not be afraid to own it, learn from it, share it, and use it to inspire others.<<

Click play >>HERE<< to dive in! 

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Shani Tran

Shani was inspired by her own life challenges to enter the field of counseling. She understands life can be hard, and brings that understanding to her work as a therapist. Empathetic and person-centered in her approach, Shani believes in empowering clients to set their own priorities and goals. Creating a safe place for People of Color to feel seen and heard is her mission in her practice. Through tiktok videos she works to destigmatize therapy for the BIPOC community. It is through her authenticity and no BS approach that draws clients to her. Shani has a MS in educational Psychology and is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in MN.

listen to the episode:

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