3 Actionable Steps To Make Over Your Instagram Account | ShowIt United Keynote

Are you ready for a Social Media makeover?

*Head to toe, The kind of makeover that would make like the Fab 5 from Queer Eye would be proud?*

You won’t even be able to recognize your Instagram self by the time I’m done with it!

In late 2019, I had the privilege of speaking on a stage at United, an annual conference for photographers. I loved this keynote because I did something completely different:. I critiqued the Instagram accounts of AUDIENCE MEMBERS. I was out there making myself awkward and calling people to the stage.

 *Aren’t you glad you’re safe at home or in your car and not being exposed in front of hundreds of people at this conference?

I do want to clarify:

>>A critique is not a criticism.<<

 A critique is looking at something and giving you feedback or advice on what to do better. A criticism is saying this isn't good and not providing a helpful solution to change it. 

I’m going to start with 3 easy actionable tips that you can start applying today to make over your Instagram account:

  • Stop their scroll with a capturing hook. With people’s attention spans the length of a squirrel’s, you need to incentivize people to read more right from the beginning, Buttercup. 
  • Consistency leads to growth. Keep in mind your followers are not only interested in your product but in you as the creator. –post every.single.day. and be the 1% of the 1% who actually show up on Instagram!
  • Respect the platform. Cater your content & engagement according to each platform you are on–meaning, don’t post @mentions and #hashtags in Facebook posts, boo boo! 

Friend, this is not an exact science and I hope you  give yourself grace as you dive into this more & give yourself the freedom to test everything you're putting out. 

>>In order to see big changes on your account, you must make big changes.<< 

If you are ready to hear exactly what I would change about your Instagram account from your bio to your photos to how you engage with followers, this episode is all for you.

So without further ado, here's my keynote at United 2019. Click >>HERE<< to listen! 

Speaking of making changes, are you ready to take your business to the next level using my proven Instagram strategy? Then you need my Instagram marketing guide. Check it out >>HERE<<.

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