Why hasn’t it happened yet? How to Stop Comparison in Its Tracks

Have you ever found yourself comparing your journey or your results to someone else’s? Have asked yourself questions like: Why hasn’t it happened yet? What am I doing wrong? Why does it feel so hard?

If so: you’re not alone. It’s common to use other people’s timelines or results as a measure of what we should do or should have in a certain amount of time.

But here’s what I’ve learned about this: I have NO idea how someone got their results. None. And so to compare myself and what I have (or don’t have) is simply a waste of time, energy and focus.

Instead of asking “why not me?” I’ve learned to ask different questions – questions like “who must I become to get what I want? What must I learn to get what I want? How must I be patient to get what I want?

If you want to know my exact process for getting out of the comparison trap and staying focused on what matters, click >>PLAY<< now to hear me share:

  • [00:20] The common questions that we ask when we’re comparing ourselves
  • [02:02] The reality of what we see v. what we don’t see
  • [03:42] The questions that can help us refocus and get results
  • [07:47] The importance of celebrating others
  • [08:29] “What is this all for?” – the question I asked myself a few weeks ago in yoga class and how I answered it
  • [10:36] How to enjoy the process, even when it’s hard
  • [15:16] A summary of the three-step framework I use to move out of comparison quickly

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