Is Work/Life Balance a Myth? | Interview on The Balanced Life Podcast

Boo boo, I see you juggling all those work projects, driving out to meet a new client, running to drop your kids off at soccer games, rushing home to make dinner…. *the list goes on and on and on and on* And I know you don’t think you’ll see the end of it. You’ve lost all hope that you can find balance. 

>>I’m here to give you the assurance and proof that a balanced work & personal life can exist<<

In an interview on the The Balanced Life Podcast, my good friend Robin Long dives deep into how my husband & business partner JD and I keep balance in our lives. 

She asks me everything from how JD and I divide our household responsibilities and deal with the pressures of having your life look a certain way, and so much more. 

You’re even going to learn some very real things about me by listening to this episode, such as…. 

  • I’m pretty boring when it comes to my routine. *Like I’m a stalker’s dream* If you spend one day with me you pretty much have seen it all. I’m the doer who’s all about her lists and JD’s the dreamer who gets me to think bigger. 
  • I’m also no homemaker. *Ask my to do the laundry and I’ll forget to put the detergent in.* JD handles all of that for me. I’m telling you, I MARRIED UP! He’s the conductor of this hot mess express. 

But we’ve found what works for us and we know when to give ourselves grace when we don’t hit everything on our list or fit into the box that society tells us we have to fit in. And I want you to do the same!  

>>Balance is  all about grace over guilt with realistic expectations.<< 

I want this podcast to encourage you to live with more freedom and less guilt, and to understand that we're all making choices each day to find our own unique sense of balance… there's not one way to do things.

Play to your strengths and own who you are in your roles.

Click >>HERE<< to continue on with Robin & my discussion and learn practical tips to finding that balanced life. 

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