What Showing Up Really Feels Like | Interview on the Made for More Podcast with Carly Meyers

Have you ever looked at someone’s life on social media and thought “why does showing up look so easy for them… when it’s so dang hard for me?”

If so, you’re gonna want to >>click play<< on this podcast to hear the conversation that I recently had with Carly Meyers on her Made For More Podcast. We talked about what it truly feels like to show up for our businesses (hint: even when we know it’s the absolute best thing to do, it can feel hard) and how creating strategic content is one of the most important things we can do as CEOs and business owners.

Of course, we also chatted about:

  • [02:28] How results are the key to business growth
  • [05:16] What to do when you’re putting in the work and not seeing the results
  • [09:29] The possibility of change
  • [14:16] How to use comparison to our advantage (hint: it has a lot to do with comparing ourselves TO ourselves)
  • [16:22] How I create content each month
  • [21:49] Whether IG or TikTok is better for sales
  • [29:55] The importance of dedication to your craft and your content
  • [30:49] The centrality of staying open and vulnerable to others
  • [32:01] The skills needed to become a leader and not just a business owner
  • [36:19] The importance of vision in planning for the future

If you need a reminder that the work of building a business is far from easy but that you CAN do it, then click >>play<< now… I think you’ll find exactly what you need.

listen to the episode:

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