How to Get the Most Profitable Leads for Your Business with Rory Vaden

Ok, ok, so if you listened to my recent conversation with Rory (Episode 341: How to Discover Your Uniqueness and Gain the Recognition You Deserve), you might have asked yourself: How exactly do I make money after I do the work to build my brand?

In other words: how do I use this information to build a profitable business and not just have a shiny brand?

If that was your question, then this episode is for you, my friend. Grab a notebook or open a Google doc and get ready to furiously take notes as Rory spills the tea on what to do to use your uniqueness to serve others AND make a profit.

Click >>PLAY<< now to hear Rory and I talk about:

  • [02:16] Building a Brand and Making Money
  • [03:06] Finding Your Brand DNA
  • [05:44] Creating Trademark-Worthy Frameworks
  • [08:14] Investing in Writing Your Own Story
  • [09:53] Crafting a World-Class Presentation
  • [15:40] Using the Power of the Pause
  • [21:51] Monetizing Personal Brands
  • [24:20] Giving Away Everything for Free (aka Rory’s content strategy)
  • [26:02] Monetization Strategies (you’ll want to write these down)
  • [30:45] The Importance of Referrals
  • [31:30] Generating Leads Online (hint: it’s all about the DMs)
  • [36:25] Selling without Pressure
  • [39:33] The Rule of 10 (or how to create loyal followers)
  • [43:39] Finding uniqueness and creating content

If you’d like to connect further with Rory and his team, visit to sign up for a free call. You can also follow Rory on Instagram at @roryvaden and @brandbuildersgroup and listen to his previous episode on the Jasmine Star Show about building a brand right >>HERE<<.

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Rory Vaden

Rory Vaden is the New York Times bestselling author of Take the Stairs. His insights have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN, Entrepreneur, Inc, on Fox News national television and in several other major media outlets. As a world-renowned speaker, His Tedx talk has been viewed over 3 million times, he is a 2x World Champion of Public Speaking Finalist and he was recently named as one of the top 100 leadership speakers in the world by Inc Magazine. He is also the Co-Founder of Brand Builders Group where he teaches people how to grow their influence and build and monetize their personal brand.

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