Is Facebook DEAD? | Why + How You Should Market Your Business on the Platform with Over 2 Billion Users

Tell me Buttercup, which camp are you in? 

  1. I’m ALLLLL about Facebook, that’s where it’s at!
  2. Facebook is so old school, there are more current platforms out there. 

I’ve heard both sides so let’s dive into one of the big questions these days: Is Facebook DEAD? 

You might think Facebook is SOOOOO 2010…. but I'm here to tell you in 2020 Facebook is alive and well. In fact, it’s personally one of my favorite platforms and chances are, your ideal customer is hanging out on it right now!

According to Facebook's official investor relations information, there are over 2.5 billion active Facebook users. Hold up, wait a minute… did you just hear that? 2.5 billion monthly ACTIVE users. we're not talking about 2.5 billion who made a profile once like seven years ago. Over 2 billion Facebook’s users log in MONTHLY,  ya’ll! 

*So you might want to rethink writing Facebook off like that awkward online date you had.*

I want to show you three ways you can market your business on Facebook and give you tons of tips along the way:

  1. Starting a Facebook Page 
  2. Using Facebook Groups 
  3. Utilizing Facebook Ads

Boo, I’m all kiiiiiinds of excited for this conversation because I’m ready to change your mindset on Facebook. You’ll hear tips on repurposing content, going live and scroll stopping captions and much, much more… so go on click >>HERE<< to join in on the fun. 

Want more information on going live on Facebook? I gotchu boo. I’d love for you to check out my free Facebook Live guide >>HERE!<<

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