3 Myths About Instagram That Are Holding You Back in Business | Social Media Marketing World Keynote

I’m gonna take us back to the early 2000s when the show Mythbusters was airing. Remember that show where they took common myths and either confirmed or busted them?

*I mean, who knew that turning off your ac and rolling down your windows doesn’t ACTUALLY save you gasoline?!

In a keynote I presented at Social Media Marketing World, I take down some of the common myths people tell themselves about Social Media.

According to my husband and business partner JD, I showed up to a knife fight with a bazooka, but I’m not apologizing because boo boo this is something I’m *so* passionate about.

>> I don’t want these misconceptions about Instagram to hold you back in your business. <<

So let’s start slashing through these lies: 

  • You need to have the numbers 
  • You need to have experience 
  • You need to be an influencer
  • You need the right tools
  • You need enough time
  • You need to be ready 

I’m going to get alllllllll kinds of crazy with you: there’s a flash fire Q&A, I call people out, and I do something that I’ve never done in a keynote before… I critique an Instagram account right on the spot.

Are you ready to stop letting myths keep you from showing up, adding what you can to the world, and being all you can be?

>> I want you to believe the impossibilities are possibilities for you! <<

To join me as I break down the myths that are holding you back in business listen up >>HERE.<< And if you would like more help on owning social media click >>HERE<< for my free Instagram Marketing Guide!

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