How LinkedIn is the Best Kept Secret for Your Business with Marcus Murphy

Are you ready for things to get a bit awkward? This episode is hands down the most embarrassing episode that I have released *and that's saying a lot!* 

I’m usually the one critiquing accounts but the tables have turned, my friend. *Grab your marshmallows and skewers* because I am basically roasted and toasted by my good friend, Marcus Murphy, on a platform that I feel a little insecure about….LinkedIn. 

To be honest, for so long I didn’t get why I needed to be on it. I mean, the corporations who use it are so buttoned up and you know this big earring, graphic tee-wearing Latina ain’t rolling like that! I’m going to take a guess that you might be thinking the same thing. 

But in 2019 I made a big effort along with the team to show up on LinkedIn. Buttercup, let me tell ya, LinkedIn is where it’s at! 

In this interview with Marcus Murphy *who btw is a LinkedIn board member so listen up because he KNOWS what he’s talking about*, we talk about why business owners need to be on LinkedIn, what best practices to use, and he even critiqued my account on the spot. 

You’re going to hear my account get chewed to the bone! Marcus shares: 

  • How to change your mindset 
  • How to clean up your profile in 5 steps 
  • How to build a brand on LinkedIn
  • How to create a successful account

Boo boo I’m telling you, I got the complete Cinderella makeover after this. I seriously took it to heart and with the help of my team we revamped my account. I want you to see my before & after below: 

If I can chew my embarrassment and change the way I approach LinkedIn, so can YOU! I can’t wait to see you there. 

Click >>HERE<< to hear why more than 675 million people on this platform and why you need to be too! 

Marcus Murphy

IG: @marcusamurphy


Marcus Murphy is a sales expert who cares deeply about the flourishing and success of entrepreneurs. Marcus previously worked for Yelp in San Francisco, going from start-up to a multi-billion dollar giant. He has also worked at Infusionsoft as the Global Partner Development Manager where he developed and broadened new international markets through strategic partnerships, and is a recognized instructor and speaker at Linkedin. Currently, the Head of Business Development & Partnerships at DigitalMarketer, Marcus has pioneered new and effective techniques that enhance the results of the traditional inside sales model. He believes a combination of inside sales, social selling, and strategic partnerships are the next generation of business growth.

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