The FASTer Way to Stand Out In A Saturated Market with Amanda Tress

You’ve started a business… great! Now how do you go about setting yourself apart from all the competition?

When I hear business owners talk about how to stand out in a saturated market, they paint the picture of feeling like they will get lost in a crowd *especially on social media*.

Friend, you’re in for a treat because that’s exactly what my friend Amanda Tress and I help you with in this episode! Amanda founded the FASTer Way to Fat Loss in 2016 and quickly scaled it to become one of the fastest-growing health and fitness companies in the market today.

*No, this episode isn’t about burning fat but we are going to show you how to burn away your mindset that it’s impossible to stand out!*

Buttercup, believe it or not I have personal experience with this too. I know I can fall into the trap of looking at others and trying to replicate what works for them.

But I have to tell myself that instead of following what’s already being done, it’s time to seek out the opportunities to highlight your unique skill set and personality. 

In this episode Amanda shares her 3 points to working your magic in a saturated market: 

  1. It’s about empowering, not competing 
  2. You must understand when it’s time to make a change and own it 
  3. Get used to thinking outside the box 

Let’s hold each other accountable to remain positive and use obstacles for our advantage. Standing out is not guaranteed to get easier but it will become more satisfying and fulfilling along the way. 

Don’t let a saturated market stop you from following your purpose and sharing your voice, boo boo. 

>>It’s time for you to cut through the clutter and break through the white noise.<<

Amanda and I are here to help you along the way, so click play >>HERE<< to join us! 

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Amanda Tress




Amanda Tress founded the FASTer Way to Fat Loss in 2016 and quickly scaled it to become one of the fastest-growing health and fitness companies on the market today. The FASTer Way grew by more than 1,600% in 2019 alone and has already surpassed $50M in revenues under her leadership as CEO. Amanda’s vision is to help individuals and households get well, prevent disease, and fulfill their purpose with energy.

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